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Ryan Hyle - PEER Kindness Board of Directors, Community Activist, LGBTQ+ advocate, Catering Manager

When I was asked to help with the first Kind and Dine Event, I did not expect to be so inspired by the message of PEER Kindness and the dedication and tireless efforts of its board members and executive director. When I was told that the PEER Kindness board was looking for a new member, I jumped at the opportunity to help make a difference in the Montrose community - a community that I love and that I am proud to be a part of. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to meet Cait, but I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know and work with her amazing parents Maya and Todd Haynes. Their ability to turn tragedy into the positive work that PEER Kindness promotes is truly awe inspiring.

Kerri Noonan-Inda - PEER Kindness Board of Directors, Kind & Dine Event Coordinator, Realtor and Community and Business Leader

I serve in many roles, but my favorites are as a wife and a mom. I am also deeply invested in our community as a real estate agent and as a PEER Kindness board member.   I joined PEER Kindness because I want to help make our community better.  When I think about Cait Haynes, I see her holding kids.  She had a magical way with children. They all loved her!  The Haynes family are very dear to my heart! I know that PEER Kindness stands for everything Cait was and everything she gave others.  As a momma, making our community better is important to me.

Robyn Shank – PEER Kindness Executive Director, CO Department of Education Consultant, Positive School Climate Specialist, Instructional Coach, Teacher, US Army Veteran

With more than 28 years of experience in public service —local, regional, state, national, and international— I bring a developed skill set, a passionate heart and a strong commitment to building safe, inclusive communities. Through anti-bullying prevention and education, local and state outreach, advocacy and youth empowerment - we are creating a cultural shift where cruelty is no longer accepted. We owe it to our children and to ourselves to practice empathy and perform kind acts. Kindness is contagious; help us sprinkle it like confetti.

Having six adult children (two of which are adopted and “special needs”) and five grandchildren, we have experienced the negative effects of peer “unkindness” in many forms. I want to take part in changing this “bullying climate”. . . not only in Montrose, but eventually on a larger scale!”

Cathy also serves on the board of Dolphin House Child Advocacy Center and volunteers at The Green Cupboard, which donates 100% of their proceeds to Sharing Ministries Food Bank. 

Yesenia Duncan - PEER Kindness Board of Directors, Probation Officer and Local Business Owner

My husband is a native of Montrose and we have two beautiful children together.  We have lived here for 11 years and we truly love where we live.  I serve as the vice president of PEER Kindness.  I joined the board following the tragic death of Cait Haynes. Cait had a beautiful heart and a kind soul.  As a board, it is our goal to spread that same love and kindness to everyone.  We must treat others the way we want to be treated.   We also need to model respect towards each other and teach people to stand tall (upstanders) for those who do not have the strength to stand tall for themselves.  Cait’s kind heart and soul leave us with a precious gift and now we need to match it!  It is my hope that our work at PEER Kindness will build a community where we stand up and beside each other. 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi​

Mr. Ullman is a director of Starbucks Corporation and serves as its lead director.  He also serves as lead director of Taubman Centers, is a director of Safe Harbor Marinas and is vice chairman of Gordon College. He recently completed a six year term as director and chairman of the board
of the Federal Reserve Board of Dallas and served as the chairman of Mercy Ships International. 

From June 1999 to January 2002, he served as Directeur General of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world's largest and leading luxury goods manufacturer and retailer based in Paris. From February 1995 until June 1999 Mr. Ullman served as Chairman and CEO
of DFS Group Limited, the travel retailer, majority owned by LVMH. Mr. Ullman served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of R.H. Macy & Co., Inc. from April 1992 to January 1995. Mr. Ullman was Group Managing Director of Wharf Holdings Ltd. In Hong Kong from 1986 to 1989.

In 1981, Mr. Ullman was appointed a White House Fellow by President Ronald Reagan. He has been awarded the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship and recognized by Yale School of Management in 2010 with its "Legend of Leadership Award". In 2015, the White House Fellows Association selected Mr. Ullman for the "John W. Gardner Legend of Leadership" award. ​

Dr. Russ Tomlin - PEER Kindness Board of Directors, Retired School Principal and grandpa

Following Cait’s death, I saw Todd Haynes (her dad) and offered my condolences. I also offered to do anything that might be helpful and was honored when asked to serve on the Board of Directors.  I applaud their family’s desire to make a positive impact on the Montrose community and appreciate their intentions to spare other families the heartache they have experienced.  As a retired principal in Montrose, it is important for me to be a part of such important work. 

Katee McCollum - PEER Kindness Vice President, Business Owner and Former Teacher

Prior to my current position, I was a mathematics teacher at Delta Middle School.  To ignite a learning passion in others is one of most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had.  I hope to help bring that passion to our youth in a slightly different format.  It is simply … KINDNESS.  I am excited to be given the opportunity to help this organization make bullying a thing of the past in Montrose County.  Kids are the future, first and foremost.  As a community, let’s help raise them up in a positive way.  Be Kind to one another. 

Our Staff and Board of Directors

Robyn Shank - PEER Kindness Executive Director

Robyn is a member of the International Bullying Prevention Association and serves as an Implementation Consultant for the Colorado Department of Education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Graceland University, a Graduate Certificate in Education Leadership from Colorado Mesa University and is licensed in Colorado as a school administrator and teacher. Prior to her work in non-profit leadership, Robyn served in public education as a teacher, instructional coach, and district coordinator. As a PBIS district coordinator, she was responsible for coaching teachers and administrators in school climate and culture, social and emotional learning, bully prevention and education, restorative practices, and positive behavior supports. Robyn Shank also served in the US Army as a counterintelligence agent.  

Mark Harmon - PEER Kindness Board of Directors, Bank Branch Manager and Community and Business Leader

The entire Haynes family is and will always be very near and dear to my heart.  I have so many memories of the vibrant energetic young Cait Haynes with her sparkling personality and her glowing life.   Cait was what I would describe as an Angel, and she was placed here on Earth.  She brought out the best in everyone she touched.   I know because I am a better person for knowing her!  Like so many of us who struggle, Cait could put on a front and pretend that those who treated her cruelly didn’t affect her.   Instead, she would spread her wings wider and lift those around her up.  The entire Haynes family is and will always be very near and dear to my heart.  I have so many memories of the vibrant energetic young Cait Haynes with her sparkling personality and her glowing life.   Cait was what I would describe as an Angel, and she was placed here on Earth.  She brought out the best in everyone she touched.   I know because I am a better person for knowing her!  Like so many of us who struggle, Cait could put on a front and pretend that those who treated her cruelly didn’t affect her.   Instead, she would spread her wings wider and lift those around her up.  

 Although never from her, I was made aware of the bullying and her struggles.  I had a hard time recognizing the severity of it because of her front.  It all became very clear when I last spoke to Cait.  She walked up to me and something had changed ….!  For the first time, I saw her broken spirit.  I hugged and consoled her.  That was the last moment I had with Cait and it haunts me today.  I let her walk away. I didn’t do everything in my power to help her.  




Debi Harmon - PEER Kindness Board President, Realtor and Business Owner and Community Leader

Board governance has been an integral part of my life for the past 25 years.  My area of service capacity has varied, but my goal remains the same—to help improve community life.  Through friendship ties, I’m very close to the Haynes family.  Maya Haynes and I have spent many hours talking, laughing, crying and praying over our children and our families.  In fact, I often told her that her sweet girl, Caitlyn Haynes, was an angel in human form.  When tragedy struck, it pierced the soul of our community.  To improve a community, one must get involved.  Do you ever have a memory that sneaks out of your eye and rolls down your cheek?  I do, and that’s why I agreed to serve on this board of directors and exhaust all avenues to stomp out bullying and restore kindness. 

Sarah Guinan - PEER Kindness Secretary, Licensed Realtor Assistant and US Army Veteran

Although I never met Cait in person, I came back home to Montrose shortly after our community lost her in 2015. My close friendship with Kerri Noonan-Inda, who is very close with the Haynes family, taught me so much about Cait… who she was and how she lives on in those she touched. Getting to know Maya Haynes and the members of this board has been so moving. Cait lives on in our community through this organization’s work. I see the path of change we are on and I find it inspiring and hopeful! I taught my children about “The Golden Rule” from a Berenstain Bears book and watched them grasp onto this idea. I just love that this concept of “treat others as you want to be treated” is becoming more embraced with example and involvement than just something we say to our kids. I am honored to serve on this board and thrilled to see our community address bullying with real alternatives.

Our ED and Board

Mike Ullman - PEER Kindness Board of Directors, Internationally Recognized Business Leader, Former Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Whitehouse Fellow

​Over the last 30 years, Myron E. (Mike ) Ullman has successfully led five major global enterprises. Based in Hong Kong, the United States and France, he has transformed and managed businesses engaged in retailing, luxury goods manufacturing, property management and development, hotel management, computer services and public transport.

Cathy Ullman - PEER Kindness Board of Directors

“Our relationship with the Haynes dates back to our arrival in Montrose 17 years ago. When I picture Cait in my mind, I see a lovely and carefree little girl running around the house with her brother, Austin.
Sadly, as she got older I saw her less and less. Maya tells me now how much she loved horses. Had I realized how much that beautiful young woman was suffering, I might have been able to offer help.

We provide Equine Grief Therapy for children in cooperation with Hope West...I envision a similar type of therapy being beneficial not only to kids who are being bullied, but also beneficial to the “bullies.”

Though not a true local (I moved to Montrose when I was 4), my family has a history of being active members of our community since the late 1940’s. I am truly proud to continue this legacy of community building because it was very important to our family’s previous generations. Over the years, I have worked on many projects to include: assistance with grant writing that ultimately brought the Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club to Montrose, service on the Montrose Wine and Food Festival board, as well as promoting and planning Habitat for Humanity of the San Juans events, CASA and other nonprofits in our region. Recently, I have become active in helping build UNITE-Colorado: Montrose's first LGBTQ+ resource organization. I am proud to bring the message of kindness and acceptance to others, which PEER Kindness stands for, and to work with this new organization’s efforts so we can ensure a safe and inclusive community for all.