"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi


In 2015, Caitlyn Nell Haynes completed suicide. She was repeatedly bullied by her peers at school and online. Food was thrown in her hair. She wasn’t allowed to sit at the school’s cafeteria table. She had chewed gum stuck on her locker and her truck. Untrue and painful rumors were spread about her. She was punched in the face, called names and told to kill herself.


The core elements of bullying include: unwanted aggressive behavior; observed or perceived power imbalance; and a repetition of these behaviors or a high likelihood of repetition.

In 2015, the Haynes family formed Before You Hate, Think of Cait in honor of their daughter in the hopes that no other child or family would endure what Cait and their family dealt with. In 2016, the non-profit was renamed PEER Kindness to honor Cait and the values she lived by. We are asked often, “How can I get involved?” The very best way to get involved is to become educated on recognizing, responding and reporting bullying incidents. You can also volunteer, attend our fundraising events and share our contact information across social media platforms. Donations are always accepted.


Create a safe and inclusive environment for all.


Work in partnership with schools, businesses and community leaders, families and youth to reduce bullying and to foster a PEER stance.



Be Positive.

Be Encouraging.

Be Empathetic.

Be Respectful and Be KIND!



Founders/ haynes@peerkindness.net

We are the parents of Caitlyn Nell Haynes. From the tragedy of the loss of our daughter Cait to suicide after years of bullying, in the public schools and the internet “before you hate think if Cait”, now called Peer kindness was formed.

We are your average people who moved to Montrose 25 years ago to grow our family and reconnect with family. I am from Northern California which is where Todd and I met. He was on his 7 year hiatus from Montrose, getting his education, seeing the world and working and I was going to the university in the town where he worked. After 4 years in California it was time to return to Todd’s hometown and expand our family in Montrose. We are very community minded and it is likely that we coached your kiddo, sponsored their team, their mission trip or gave to their fundraiser. It is important to us that Montrose be the best possible community with the highest standards of character. We have raised 3 children and we now have a granddaughter who is in the public school system here and we know that Montrose is capable of the best and we are here to raise the bar with your love and support.




Todd is the President of the Board of Directors for Peer Kindness.


Vice President, Kind & Dine Event Coordinator / kerri@peerkindness.net

I serve in many roles, but my favorites are as a wife and a mom. I am also deeply invested in our community as a real estate agent and as a PEER Kindness board member. I joined PEER Kindness because I want to help make our community better. When I think about Cait Haynes, I see her holding kids. She had a magical way with children. They all loved her! The Haynes family are very dear to my heart! I know that PEER Kindness stands for everything Cait was and everything she gave others. As a momma, making our community better is important to me.


Secretary / kelly@peerkindness.net

I moved to Montrose in 2007 and jumped right in and fell in love with this tight-knit community. I enjoy how Montrosians are a village, especially around raising families. Knowing the Haynes family through my son and their son’s friendship in 5th grade, I knew that they personified love and kindness and that I wanted to be a part of their tribe. With Cait’s passing, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the change that creates a kinder world starting with our own little village. PEER Kindness is truly an organization that I am proud to be a part of.



I am a blessed mommy to two awesome little boys and married to my best friend. I have a wonderful job where I get to make connections and help children and their families every day, but I really enjoy volunteering and helping in many organizations within our community especially PEER Kindness as a board member. I really wanted to join PEER Kindness because I want to do as much as I can to help make our community a more kind, inclusive and empathetic place for all our children. I have so much respect for Cait’s family for creating a path of change in our community. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people who desire to make a positive impact in all our children’s lives and put an end to bullying.



I never personally met Cait, but I saw the impact her passing had on our community. It truly broke my heart for the Haynes family as I could not imagine how I would handle it if It was my child. I admired the Haynes family and their dedication to help other families so no one else would have to go through the same loss. My children are all grown but I now have grandchildren and I want to do all I can to help make this a better world for them. I believe in the mission of Peer Kindness can’t wait to do my part and “Be the Change.”

“Our relationship with the Haynes dates back to our arrival in Montrose 17 years ago. When I picture Cait in my mind, I see a lovely and carefree little girl running around the house with her brother, Austin.

Sadly, as she got older I saw her less and less. Maya tells me now how much she loved horses. Had I realized how much that beautiful young woman was suffering, I might have been able to offer help.

We provide Equine Grief Therapy for children in cooperation with Hope West…I envision a similar type of therapy being beneficial not only to kids who are being bullied, but also beneficial to the “bullies.”

Having six adult children (two of which are adopted and “special needs”) and five grandchildren, we have experienced the negative effects of peer “unkindness” in many forms. I want to take part in changing this “bullying climate”. . . not only in Montrose, but eventually on a larger scale!”

Cathy also serves on the board of Dolphin House Child Advocacy Center and volunteers at The Green Cupboard, which donates 100% of their proceeds to Sharing Ministries Food Bank.

After learning Cait’s story and becoming aware of bullying in our community I started volunteering my time to PEER Kindness. I serve on the Events Committee as decorating and home styling are one of my favorite things! I wear many hats as a special needs mom and wife but I am also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach and I am passionate about helping our youth and community learn how they can all be empowered and leaders of kindness; we are all a team and need to lift each other up so we can all grow.

Prior to my current position, I was a mathematics teacher at Delta Middle School. To ignite a learning passion in others is one of most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had. I hope to help bring that passion to our youth in a slightly different format. It is simply … KINDNESS. I am excited to be given the opportunity to help this organization make bullying a thing of the past in Montrose County. Kids are the future, first and foremost. As a community, let’s help raise them up in a positive way.

Over the last 30 years, Myron E. (Mike ) Ullman has successfully led five major global enterprises. Based in Hong Kong, the United States and France, he has transformed and managed businesses engaged in retailing, luxury goods manufacturing, property management and development, hotel management, computer services and public transport.

​”You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi​

Mr. Ullman is a director of Starbucks Corporation and serves as its lead director. He also serves as lead director of Taubman Centers, is a director of Safe Harbor Marinas and is vice chairman of Gordon College. He recently completed a six year term as director and chairman of the board

of the Federal Reserve Board of Dallas and served as the chairman of Mercy Ships International.

From June 1999 to January 2002, he served as Directeur General of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest and leading luxury goods manufacturer and retailer based in Paris. From February 1995 until June 1999 Mr. Ullman served as Chairman and CEO

of DFS Group Limited, the travel retailer, majority owned by LVMH. Mr. Ullman served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of R.H. Macy & Co., Inc. from April 1992 to January 1995. Mr. Ullman was Group Managing Director of Wharf Holdings Ltd. In Hong Kong from 1986 to 1989.

In 1981, Mr. Ullman was appointed a White House Fellow by President Ronald Reagan. He has been awarded the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship and recognized by Yale School of Management in 2010 with its “Legend of Leadership Award”. In 2015, the White House Fellows Association selected Mr. Ullman for the “John W. Gardner Legend of Leadership” award. ​

Although I never met Cait in person, I came back home to Montrose shortly after our community lost her in 2015. My close friendship with Kerri Noonan-Inda, who is very close with the Haynes family, taught me so much about Cait… who she was and how she lives on in those she touched. Getting to know Maya Haynes and the members of this board has been so moving. Cait lives on in our community through this organization’s work. I see the path of change we are on and I find it inspiring and hopeful! I am honored to serve on this board and thrilled to see our community address bullying with real alternatives.


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