ALIGN With Kind

A youth empowerment program designed to shift a cruel culture to a kinder one.

In 2018, a group of local high school students presented a problem to us: “We are cruel to each other when no one is around and we want to change that.” In that moment, “Align with Kind” was created. Soon after, a logo and t-shirts were designed and Caring for Colorado Foundation awarded PEER Kindness $30,000 to get the program started. Intentional recruitment efforts began across school grades, school locations, school settings and school interests (no small feat) in hopes of capturing ALL youth voices in an organized, youth-led advisory board.

2020 – 2022 AWK GOALS

  • Use student focus groups to gather bullying data.

  • Empower and mobilize students to create school norms where it’s cool to be kind, not cruel.

  • Create a community-wide campaign that focuses on being kind to self and others.

  • Get students at the table with adults when key decisions are made about school life.

  • Build inclusiveness in school cafeterias and lunchrooms.